Main Functions
EngagementTools Functions

The backbone for most of the functions in EngagementTools are the functions GeomStruct and EngagementStruct and they will be described in more detail in this section.

Returns a structure of engagement parameters for custom scenarios, given platform position and velocity vectors and target position and velocity vectors in a defined coordinate system. 
Returns geometry structure with platform and target position, velocity in ECF coordinates given a list of input geometry specifications which depend on the geometry identifer. For all geometries if speed of platform or target not specified, velocities will be zero. If heading is not specified for platform and/or target, heading = 90 degrees (due east) is default. For a 'Simple' geometry, target will be placed at Lat = 0, Long = 0 at specified altitude, and platform will be located on the prime meridian (Long = 0) in the southern hemisphere at a latitude consistent with the input platform-to-target ground... more 
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