ATMTools Functions
Main Functions

This section contains all the Matlab functions available in ATMTools.

The backbone for most of the functions in ATMTools is the function AtmStruct which will be described in more detail in this section. 
The functions in this section compute parameters which characterize the atmosphere. 
This section contains functions for use in atmospheric modeling. There are functions which generate profiles of the refractive index structure constant, Cn2, and absorption and scattering coefficients, temperature, density and other parameters. 
This section contains functions distributed with ATMTools for use in atmospheric modeling with the Laser Environmental Effects Definition and Reference (LEEDR). For information on LEEDR see or contact AFIT CDE, 2950 Hobson Way, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, 937.255.3636 x4506. Many of these functions require the user to have an m-code or p-code version of LEEDR on the Matlab path or at least to have pre-computed atmospheric data from LEEDR. In addition to the functions described below, the functions LEEDRAtmos, GADSAtmos, and OceanAtmos described in AtmosModels make use of LEEDR. Additionally, ATMTools includes functionality to generate and work with... more 
This section contain functions that support turbulence prediction modeling in ATMTools. 
This section contains specialized mathematical functions used in ATMTools. 
Functions in this section are general utility functions that support the use of the ScalingCode API libraries in Matlab. 
This section contains functions of general utility in ATMTools 
Main Functions
Generates a structure with atmospheric model data for a specified laser propagation path, with modeling assumptions as specified in the calling sequence. Structure may contain turbulence, absorption, scattering, and temperature model data for the laser path altitude corresponding to the input geometry. Assumes specified atmospheric models are available as altitude-dependent functions (with arbitrary parameters), where altitude is the first input to the function. Data in these structures is appropriate for use in wave-optics simulation or propagation analysis calculations. 
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