[Model,hh] = BoundaryAtm(h,hInt,hhInt,BaseModel,[p1],...,[pN])

Maps input altitudes in the interval [hInt(1),hInt(2)] into altitudes in the interval [hhInt(1) hhInt(2)] before calling the atmospheric model 'BaseModel' with altitude hh given parameters p1,...,pN. 

Intended to facilitate using atmospheric models in the earth's boundary layer where certain altitudes should be referenced to ground level, and other altitudes should be referenced to sea level. Generally, hInt(2) = hhInt(2) = boundary-layer altitude limit. However, code will accept other inputs and use them accordingly. Altitudes in interval hInt are set according to: hh = hhInt(1)+(diff(hhInt)/diff(hInt)).*(h-hInt(1)); Input altitudes less than hInt(1) are set to hhInt(1).

h [vector] 
Altitude above sea level (m) 
hInt [array] 
Altitude interval for mapping (m). Can be of size 1 x 2 or NScreens x 2. 
hhInt [array] 
Altitude interval for output (m). Can be of size 1 x 2 or NScreens x 2. 
BaseModel [string] 
Atmospheric modeling function on path 
p1,...,pN [arb] 
(Optional) Parameters required for BaseModel 
Return Values
Return Values 
Model [vector] 
Evaluated atmospheric model for new altitudes 
hh [vector] 
Mapped altitudes used for evaluating model 

>> [Model,hh] = BoundaryAtm(0,[0 5000],[1230 5000],'Clear1Night') 

  • [Model = 1.5059e-015, hh = 1230] 0 m altitude maps to 1230 m for input to Clear1Night
>> [Model,hh] = BoundaryAtm(0,[1230 5000],[0 5000],'HV57') 

  • [Model = 1.7270e-014, hh = 0] 1230 m altitude maps to 0 m for input to HV57
>> [Model,hh] = BoundaryAtm(1230,[1230 5000],[0 5000], ... 


  • [Model = 8.8903e-006, hh = 0] 1230 m altitude maps to 0 m for input to MODFAS with parameters 'A' (absorption) and '1064' (nm wavelength)
>> Atm = AtmStruct(1230,5000,6000,10,'Cn2','HV57'); 

>> [Model,hh] = BoundaryAtm(Atm.h,[1230 5000],[0 5000],Atm.Cn2Eval) 

  • Evaluate the turbulence model in Atm with original altitudes from 1230 to 5000 mapped to the range 0 to 5000 m.
>> x = linspace(0,1,10); 

>> [hTerr,GndAlt] = TerrainProfiler(x,G); 

>> hh = BoundaryAtm(EarthAlt(x,G), ... 

[GndAlt repmat(5000,10,1)],[0 5000],'HV57') 

  • Scales altitudes between ground level and 5 km to be between 0 and 5 km (requires DTED data - see bilLoad).

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