Cstruct = CaseStruct(P,G,Targ,[Atm],[lambda])
   or to update an existing output:
Cstruct = CaseStruct(C,[FieldName1],[FieldValue1],...

Returns a structure of engagement case parameters for laser engagement scenarios. Can be used to modify an existing C structure given field names and values. Shortcuts are available for modifying 'alpha', 'HELpt' and 'BILLpt'.

C [struct] 
Can be a structure with fields P, G, Targ, and optionally Atm or a comma-separated list of (P,G,Targ,[Atm],[lambda]). Can also be a complete C structure followed by a list of parameters to change within that C structure. NOTE: when using the calling sequence with FieldName and FieldValue, the input C structure must be complete - an output from CaseStruct. 
P [struct] 
System parameters, as from ABLParams or LinkParams. Must have fields 'name','HEL','Tx', and 'Rx' 
G [struct] 
Geometry description from GeomStruct
Targ [struct] 
Target parameters, as from TargStruct. Must have fields 'trackpt', 'HELpt', 'TargetRadius', 'Flyout', 'Lethality', and 'HELPointing' 
Atm [struct] 
(Optional) Atmospheric description from AtmStruct 
lambda [scalar] 
(Optional) Wavelength of laser. Only used in the case where P.HEL is empty. Must pass in Atm to specify lambda, can pass [] for Atm. 
FieldName [string] 
(Optional) Name of field to be updated (some fields are restricted). 
FieldValue [varies] 
(Optional) Value for FieldName parameters. There must be a field value for each field name specified. 
Return Values
Return Values 
C [struct] 
Structure of engagement case parameters 
C.code [string] 
(Restricted) Identifier for the engagement case 
C.type [string] 
(Restricted) Identifier for propagation case type 
C.ver [struct] 
(Restricted) Structure of MATLAB version used to generate C (C.ver=ver;) 
C.P [struct] 
Structure of system design parameters 
C.G [struct] 
Structure of geometry parameters as from GeomStruct 
C.Targ [struct] 
Structure of target parameters 
C.Atm [struct] 
Structure of atmospheric parameters from AtmStruct (turbulence, wind, etc) -Can only change Model parameters in Atm, not geometry parameters. 
C.wavelength [scalar] 
Wavelength of propagated beam (m) 
C.hp [scalar] 
Altitude of source platform (m) [scalar] 
Altitude of target platform (m) 
C.rd [scalar] 
Range from source to target along earth surface (m) 
C.L [scalar] 
(Restricted) Slant range from source to target (m) 
C.vp [scalar] 
Platform speed (m/s) 
C.vt [scalar] 
Target speed (m/s) 
C.V_TTP [scalar] 
(Restricted) Path-transverse target velocity, in missile "parallel" direction (m/s) 
C.V_PTP [scalar] 
(Restricted) Path-transverse platform velocity, in missile "parallel" direction (m/s) 
C.V_PTT [scalar] 
(Restricted) Path-transverse platform velocity, in missile "transverse" direction (m/s) [scalar] 
(Restricted) Azimuth of target relative to platform (rad) 
C.el [scalar] 
(Restricted) Elevation of target relative to platform (rad) 
C.tia [scalar] 
(Restricted) Target incidence angle (rad) 
C.LOSangle [scalar] 
(Restricted) Magnitude of the full angle between platform velocity and propagation vector (rad) 
C.Fresnel [scalar] 
(Restricted) Propagation Fresnel number, $D^2/(lambda L)$ 
C.Rytov [scalar] 
(Restricted) Spherical wave Rytov number for engagement 
C.r0 [scalar] 
(Restricted) Spherical wave coherence diameter for engagement (m) 
C.theta0 [scalar] 
(Restricted) Spherical wave isoplanatic angle for engagement (rad) 
C.fG [scalar] 
(Restricted) Greenwood frequency (Hz) 
C.fT [scalar] 
(Restricted) Tyler frequency (Hz) 
C.Nd [scalar] 
(Restricted) Uniform wave distortion number. 
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