[x,dx] = EqualCn2Screens([n],Atm,[Nscreens],[Geom])

Calculates path-normalized phase screen positions and thicknesses for equal strength phase screens. This function first calculates the plane wave coherence length, $r_0^{-5/3}$, and divides by Nscreens so that each segment will have the same strength. This function discretizes the calculation by breaking the path into n segments per meter and integrating $C_n^2$ to reach the desired strength per phase screen. If Atm.MaxAlt is not infinite, output screen positions are over the path where altitude is less than Atm.MaxAlt as assumed by AtmStruct.

n [scalar] 
(Optional) Number of screens for discretizing the calculation. Defaults to Nscreens and is increased as needed. 
Atm [struct/string] 
Atmospheric modeling parameters. Can be a structure from AtmStruct or a turbulence profile model to be used. 
Nscreens [scalar] 
(Optional) Number of phase screens to calculate. If Atm is a discrete structure from AtmStruct and Nscreens is not specified, Nscreens will be the number of screens in Atm. 
Geom [struct/list] 
Geometry parameters. Can be a structure from GeomStruct or a comma separated list of (hp,ht,rd,...) - not required if Atm is a structure from AtmStruct
hp [scalar] 
Altitude of transmit/receive platform (m) 
ht [scalar] 
Altitude of target (m) 
rd [scalar] 
Downrange of target along spherical earth surface (m) 
Return Values
Return Values 
x [vector] 
Path-normalized phase screen positions 
dx [vector] 
Path-normalized phase screen thicknesses 
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