Functions for External Data
EngagementTools Functions

The functions in this section are available for user who wish to use data from ISAAC and STAMP within the EngagementTools toolbox. Also in this section is TALOEngage for working with SCALE generated structures.

Function to add polynomial fitting coefficients to an existing trajectory structure. 
Loads digital elevation data from a Band Interleaved by Line (BIL) format file (Used by the SRTM mission). BIL formatted digital terrain elevation data can be found at by selecting the "SRTM" database under "Digital Elevation". (Data sets are 1x1 deg.) 
Function to convert STAMP boost data to a Flyout structure suitable for incorporation into the Targ structure. To get a Geometry structure, use FlyoutGeom. The size will be 1xNumStages. 
Reads a STAMP/TGx JNTF ASCII file and returns the metric data as a structure 
Reads a fortran ASCII input file into a cell array while preserving white spaces. This routine allows the user to load an entire input file for easy parsing for Fortran data inputs/outputs, while maintaining new line formatting. 
Loads modeling parameters for STAMP 
Function to compute the minimum engagement time after lift off (TALO) for a given geometry. 
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