G = FlyoutGeom(C,TALO,[RPFlag],[trackStr])

Returns a (array of) structure(s) with geometry information for position and velocity of a target as a function of time. Position and velocity information for the platform will be taken from input C.G. Target information will be taken from C.Targ unless C.Targ.Flyout is empty, in which case target information will be taken from C.G and constant velocity (speed and heading) will be assumed. This function supports three trajectory "types" in the Targ.Flyout structure:

  • Polynomials for altitude and down range from an initial point at a given direction (assumes rhumb-line or constant heading trajectory). Velocities are computed using the derivatives of the polynomials
  • Matrices of ECF positions and velocity as a function of time. Positions and velocities are interpolated (linearly) at the input TALOs
  • Polynomial fit to ECF positions as a function of time. Positions are computed from the polynomials and velocities are computed using the derivatives of the polynomials
If the input is an array of geometry structures, positions and velocities are interpolated onto the new TALOs using linear interpolation of the ECF positions and velocities. This will return NaN for input TALOs outside the range of TALOs in the geometry structure.

C [struct] 
Engagement geometry structure. Can be an engagement structure from ABLCase, LinkCase, or EngagementStruct, a geometry structure from GeomStruct, a target structure with a Flyout substructure, or a scalar Flyout structure. 
TALO [vector] 
Time after lift off (sec) 
RPFlag [logical] 
(Optional) Flag for repositioning the platform based on VP and TALO. If true, platform will be moved assuming the position at TALO=0 is set by the value in C.G.RP. Default is false unless input is an array of geometries. 
trackStr [string] 
(Optional) Identifier for how the track is computed, either 'gc' for great circle (default) or 'rl' for rhumb line. Only used when trajectory type is altitude and down range polynomials OR a single G structure. 
Return Values
Return Values 
G [struct/array] 
Geometry structure, or array of structures 
G.Coordinates [string] 
Specifies the coordinate system used for defining the geometry - always 'ECF'. 
G.RP [vector] 
Platform position in ECF Coords (m) 
G.VP [vector] 
Platform velocity in ECF Coords (m/s) 
G.RT [vector] 
Target position in ECF Coords (m) 
G.VT [vector] 
Target velocity in ECF Coords (m/s) 
G.TALO [scalar] 
Time-After-Lift-Off (s) 
G.EarthRadius [scalar/vector] 
Specification of earth radius 
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