ModelData = LEEDRAtm(G,NScreens,[lambda])

Generates an Atm structure using all LEEDR data. LEEDR data must be loaded and available in application data - see loadLEEDRAtmos.

Geom [struct/list] 
Geometry parameters. Can be a structure from GeomStruct or a comma separated list of (hp,ht,rd,...) 
hp [scalar] 
Platform altitude (m AGL) 
ht [scalar] 
Target altitude (m AGL) 
rd [scalar] 
Downrange along spherical earth surface (m) 
NScreens [scalar] 
(Optional) Number of equal thickness phase screens. Screens are spaced symmetrically about the midpoint of the propagation path. For a continuous model use NScreens=Inf 
x [vector] 
(Optional) Path-normalized screen location in range 0<=x<1. Passing x=1 or x=[1] will result in a single phase screen placed at the midpoint of the propagation path. For single screen at the target, use x=[0.9999] 
dx [vector] 
(Optional) Path-normalized screen thickness. Must be the same size as x if passed. 
lambda [scalar] 
(Optional) Desired wavelength for computation of absorption, scattering, and extinction (m). If this wavelength does not match the wavelength in the precomputed data, LEEDR will be re-run. If not input, will use the first wavelength in the LEEDR data. 
Return Values
Return Values 
Atm [struct] 
Structure containing atmospheric screen parameters 

>> loadLEEDRAtmos('LEEDR_RuralMidLatSummer.h5') 

>> Atm = LEEDRAtm(GeomStruct,10,1e-6) 

  • Generate Atm using LEEDR data with extinction at 1e-6 m wavelength
>> Atm = LEEDRAtm(GeomStruct,10) 

  • Generate Atm with extinction at the wavelength of the LEEDR data

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