wxCube = LEEDRWXCUBELUT(lambda,LatLong,grbFile,[PName1],[PValue1], ...)
wxCube = LEEDRWXCUBELUT(lambda,G,grbFile,[PName1],[PValue1], ...)
wxCube = LEEDRWXCUBELUT(loc,dt)

Create a LEEDR weather cube LUT object for use with the function LEEDRWxCube. Requires p-code or m-code version of LEEDR available from the Air Force Institute of Technology. Creates an entry in the workspace application data for use by LEEDRWxCube - use wxCube = loadLEEDRWxCube with no inputs to obtain the data generated. Will write mesh and h5 files to LEEDRWXCUBE lookup path.

lambda [vector] 
Wavelengths for generating the weather cube data (m). 
G [struct] 
Geometry information, including dates/times (in UT) in TALO. OR: 
LatLong [vector] 
Boundaries of the generated cube in format [North Lat, South Lat, East Lon, West Lon], OR [lat lon] for the center profile - will create a 3x3 cube with [lat lon] near the center (to within 1/2 degree, OR GeomStruct - will determine the lat/lon boundaries from G. 
grbFile [char] 
Full path to pre-downloaded NOMADS data file. Data can be downloaded from Filename must be formatted as follows:
  • gfs_4_YYYYMMDD_HH00_CCC (NOAA downloads) OR
  • YYYYMMDDHH00CCC (LEEDR downloads)
PName [char] 
(Optional) Parameter name for the param/value pair to specify options for generating the weather cube data. See options below. 
PValue [varies] 
(Optional) Value for parameter associated with PName 
loc [char] 
Folder name with the location information from LatLong 
dt [char] 
Date/time identifier in format YYYYMMDDHHHCCC where HHHH is the hour cycle (ZULU) and CCC is the forecast hour. 
wxCube [varies] 
Previously loaded weather cube data. If wxCube is a struct, the return will be a LEEDRWXCUBELUT object containing the data from the input struct. If wxCube is already a LEEDRWXCUBELUT object, the output will be a clone of the input. Optional parameters that can be specified when generating weather cube data. There must be a parameter value for each parameter name specified. 
true/false - Flag for setting whether or not to use correlated-K for the molecular absorption which can be much faster when generating multiple wavelengths and is preferred if band absorption is desired - default is true. 
terrainValue - Description of the site terrain (case insensitive) or surface [albedo, evap const, surface roughness (m)]. See MzaSurfCn2 
cn2Model - identifier to indicate the LEEDR Cn2 model. see Turbulence.list for a list of available LEEDR Cn2 models. If set to 'Calculations - Tatarski', ground level values will be computed using MZAsurfCn2 for daytime hours unless the surfCn2Replace parameter is set to false. 
surfCn2Replace - if set to false, the surface value is not replaced using the MZASurfCn2 model. Default true if cn2Model is 'Calculations - Tatarski'. 
true/false/Char - Flag for setting whether or not to use the machine learning neural network to adjust ground level Cn2. Can also pass in a file name containing the neural network data to be used. Defaults to true - using the NN data from Cn2WeatherNN_30N_2L_11I.mat unless useMZAsurfCn2 is false. 
Minimum value for ground level solar irradiance. Use to possibly override the NaN return from surface model when solar irradiance is low. May still get NaN under low wind conditions. Ignored if surfCn2 is false. NOTE: The model does not support Cn2 estimation under these conditions. 
maxAlt - altitude above which the atmosphere is considered a vacuum (m). Ignored if LatLong is passed in. Use this altitude to limit the extent of the cube lats and lons when passing in a GEOM structure. The cube will still be generated with the default altitudes (1001 divisions from 0 to 100km). Be sure to use the same MaxAlt in the ATM structure to prevent the ATM screens from going outside the limits of the cube. 
Number of layers (altitudes) between 100 m and MaxAlt to use when generating the weather cube - defaults to 1000. Actual numbers of layers will be nLayers + 8 (surface layers) 
directory holding the downloaded DTED data - data can be downloaded from Set to false to prevent generation of DTED data. 
true/false - Flag for setting whether or not mesh files are generated. This is the original binary storage format for LEEDR generated weather cubes. Default is false. 
Return Values
Return Values 
Weather cube data 
location [char] 
Indentifier for the weather cube location 
gfs [char] 
Date/Time identifier for the GFS data used 
lats [vector] 
Latitude points in the mesh (deg). Length nPts=nLats*nLons. 
lons [vector] 
Longitude points in the mesh (deg). Length nPts 
alts [vector] 
Altitudes at which data is computed (m). Length nAlts. 
wl [vector] 
Wavelengths for which extinction, absorption, and scattering are computed (m). Length nWvls 
abs [array] 
Absorption coefficient (km^{-1}). Size nPts x nWvls x nAlts. 
airDensity [array] 
Density (kg/m^3). Size nPts x nAlts. 
albedo [array] 
Albedo (scattering/extinction). Size nPts x nWvls x nAlts. 
cn2 [array] 
Index structure constant (m^{-2/3}). Size nPts x nAlts 
ext [array] 
Extinction coefficient (km^{-1}). Size nPts x nWvls x nAlts. 
pressure [array] 
Pressure (mbar). Size nPts x nAlts 
rh [array] 
Relative humidity (%). Size nPts x nAlts. 
scatter [array] 
Scattering coefficient (km^{-1}). Size nPts x nWvls x nAlts. 
temperature [array] 
Temperature (K). Size nPts x nAlts. 
vv [array] 
Vertical velocity (Pa/s). Size nPts x nAlts. 
windDir [array] 
Wind direction (deg). Size nPts x nAlts. 
windSpeed [array] 
Wind speed (m/s). Size nPts x nAlts. 
verticalWind [array] 
Vertical wind speed (m/s). Size nPts x nAlts 
wx [array] 
Clouds/rain/fog status. Size nPts x 6 x nAlts where the second dimension contains fraction of cloud coverage and altitudes for 3 layers. 
surface [struct] 
Surface data, if generated, for each model 
DTED [struct] 
Structure containing elevation data for the mesh. Empty ([]) if not available. 
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