ModelData = LEEDRWxCubeAtm(G,NScreens,lambda,lutLocation,lutDateTime)

Generates an Atm structure using all LEEDR Wx cube data. LEEDR Wx cube data will be loaded if not already - see loadLEEDRWxCube

Geom [struct] 
Geometry structure from GeomStruct
NScreens [scalar] 
(Optional) Number of equal thickness phase screens. Screens are spaced symmetrically about the midpoint of the propagation path. For a continuous model use NScreens=Inf 
x [vector] 
(Optional) Path-normalized screen location in range 0<=x<1. Passing x=1 or x=[1] will result in a single phase screen placed at the midpoint of the propagation path. For single screen at the target, use x=[0.9999] 
dx [vector] 
(Optional) Path-normalized screen thickness. Must be the same size as x if passed. 
lambda [scalar] 
Desired wavelength for computation of absorption, scattering, and extinction (m). If this wavelength does not match the wavelength in the precomputed data, an error will occur. 
DTEDdir [bool/char] 
(Optional) Directory holding the downloaded DTED data - data can be downloaded from Set to false to prevent generation and/or use of elevation data. If true, uses elevation data to convert from MSL to AGL altitudes and will generate elevation data if not there and DTED data is in the default DTED directory - (EngagementToolsPath(-1)/DTED). Defaults to true. 
lutLocation [char] 
Location identifier for weather cube 
lutDateTime [char] 
Date/time/cycle identifier for weather cube (YYYYMMDDHHHHCCC) 
Return Values
Return Values 
Atm [struct] 
Structure containing atmospheric screen parameters 

>> G = GeomStruct('LLA',[39.75 -83.5 330],[39.79 -83.5 5000]); 

>> Atm = LEEDRWxCubeAtm(G,10,1e-6,true,'N40.00_N39.50_W83.00_W84.50', ... 


  • Generate Atm using LEEDR Wx Cube data with abs/scat at 1e-6 microns.

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