Model = MODFAS(h,[ModelType],[lambda],[AtmModel],[IHAZE],[param])

Returns model data for absorption and scattering coefficients as a function of altitude h for a given wavelength and atmospheric condition determined by parameters used in MODTRAN and FASCODE. Lookup table data is from 0 to 50 km altitude (Returns zero for altitudes outside the available data). See inputs for list of supported wavelengths.

h [vector] 
Altitude above sea level (m) 
ModelType [string] 
(Optional, defaults to 'A') Identifier for the type of model desired. Supports 'A' (absorption), 'S' (scattering), 'E' (total extinction), 'AA' (aerosol absorption), 'MA' (molecular absorption), 'AS' (aerosol scattering), and 'MS' (molecular scattering). 
lambda [string] 
(Optional, defaults to '1315') Identifier for desired laser wavelength. Supports '1064' for YAG, '1315' for COIL, '532', '1000', '1030', '1060', '1080', '1300', '1550', '1620', '2700', and '3800' 
AtmModel [string] 
(Optional) Parameter from MODTRAN/FASCODE that identifies atmospheric conditions. Takes values as follows (numbers may also be input as strings): 'Trop' (1)--Tropical Atmosphere, 'MidLatSum' (2)--Midlatitude Summer, 'MidLatWint' (3)--Midlatitude Winter, 'SubArcSum' (4)--Subarctic Summer, 'SubArcWint' (5)--Subarctic Winter, 'USStd' (6)--1976 U.S. Standard (default), 'Rural'--(AtmModel 6 ('USStd') and IHAZE 1 ('Clear')) Based on AFRL/DE model, 'RuralHazy'--(AtmModel 6('USStd') and IHAZE 2 ('Hazy')) Based on AFRL/DE model, 'Maritime'--(AtmModel 6 ('USStd') and IHAZE 4 ('Maritime')) Based on Boeing Western Pacific model. 
IHAZE [string] 
(Optional) Parameter from MODTRAN/FASCODE that identifies desired condition for aerosols model. Supported values are as follows (numbers may also be input as strings): 'Clear' (1)--RURAL Extinction, VIS=23 km (Clear) (default), 'Hazy' (2)--RURAL Extinction, VIS=5 km (Hazy), 'NavyMaritime' (3)--NAVY MARITIME Extinction, 'Maritime' (4)--MARITIME Extinction, VIS=23 km, 'Urban' (5)--URBAN Extinction, VIS=5 km, 'Desert' (10)--DESERT Extinction 
param [scalar] 
(Optional) Additional input parameter option based on the input IHAZE value. Wind -- Wind speed. Only used with Navy Maritime IHAZE=3 or Desert IHAZE=10. Use 0 or leave empty to use the default wind speeds in MODTRAN and FASCODE based on AtmModel. Other options are 5 m/s or 10 m/s, VIS -- Visibility. Only used with Urban IHAZE=5. Options are 5 or 23 km. Default is 5 km. 
Return Values
Return Values 
Model [vector] 
Atmospheric model value for desired model type (absorption or scattering), wavelength, and atmospheric condition (1/m) 

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