ExtCoeff = MODTRAN(Atm,[FileName],[FieldName1,FieldValue1],...

This function runs MODTRAN and returns a structure that has the output. The output includes the molecular and aerosol extinction coefficients. MODTRAN is not distributed with ATMTools. The user must obtain MODTRAN separately from Spectral Sciences, Inc ( and install in ATMTools/OTT/MODTRAN.

Atm [struct] 
Atmospheric modeling parameters for a discrete atmosphere. Can be a structure from AtmStruct with the fields hp, ht, L, h, z. 
FileName [string] 
(Optional, defaults to 'MOD_NORM') The file name to be used in MODTRAN. Users can input one of their files or use one from the library (Input_library) directory. Must be passed in (can be empty) if using optional arguments that follow. 
FieldName [string] 
The name of a parameter to be modified from the value in FileName. Available parameters are: 'LAMBDA'--Wavelength (m), 'MODEL'--Atmospheric model (1-6), 'IHAZE'--Aerosols model to be used (1-10), 'IVULCN'--Extinction type for stratospheric aerosols (1-8), 'ICLD'--inclusion of clouds (1-20), 'ITYPE'--Type of path (1,2 (default)), 'HRANGE'--Horizontal path length, ITYPE=1 (m), 'ICSTL'--Air mass character, IHAZE=3 (1-10), 'WSS'--Current wind speed, IHAZE=3 or 10, 'WHH'--24-hr average wind speed, IHAZE=3 or 10 'VIS'--Surface meteorological range (km) 'MOD_EXE'--Filename of the MODTRAN executable file. Must be in the ATMToolsPath/OTT/MODTRAN folder. Defaults to MODTRAN.EXE 
FieldValue [scalar] 
(Required if specifying FieldName) The value of specified FieldName with units depending on FieldName. 
Return Values
Return Values 
ExtCoeff [struct] 
If Lambda is one of the inputs FieldName, then ExtCoeff is a structure containing the extinction coefficients and information about the run parameters. Otherwise, ExtCoeff is a 3 dimensional tensor where the columns of each matrix ExtCoeff(:,:,i) represents a component of extinction as a function of wave number. The columns are: 1 - Total Extinction, 2 - Total Molecular, 3 - Molecular Absorption, 4 - Molecular Scattering, 5 - Total Aerosols, 6 - Aerosols Absorption, 7 - Aerosols Scattering 
ExtCoeff.ver [string] 
Version of MODTRAN run 
ExtCoeff.Name [struct] 
The name of each parameter included in the structure 
ExtCoeff.Value [struct] 
In which the values of the parameters are stored. 
ExtCoeff.Units [struct] 
The units of this parameter 

  • MODTRAN4 user manual


>> ExtCoefs = MODTRAN(AtmStruct,'MOD_NORM','LAMBDA',1.064e-6,... 


>> ExtCoefs = MODTRAN(AtmStruct,[],'MOD_EXE','Mod4v3r1_F90.exe') 

  • Use the specified executable for the computation

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