CNew = PropConfig(C)
[AtmNew,GNew] = PropConfig(Atm,[G])
ttNew = PropConfig(tt)
[AtmNew,GNew] = PropConfig([fileName])
PC = PropConfig('SaveFile',C,fileName)

GUI for setting up atmospheric propagation parameters. Can output either a C structure, Atm and G structures, or structure as from turbtool depending on the input type. Also can save a Matlab data file for input to a wave optics simulation. One can also save a data file without opening the GUI, using default options for computing mesh parameters by passing as the first argument the string 'SaveFile' followed by a C structure and the name of the file to save. The file will be saved to the current working directory unless the input file name includes the path. If the file name is omitted or empty, a structure of data that would be saved will be returned.

C [struct] 
(Optional) An engagement structure from CaseStruct 
Atm [struct] 
(Optional) Atmospheric structure from AtmStruct 
G [struct] 
(Optional) Geometry structure as from GeomStruct 
tt [struct] 
(Optional) Structure from TurbTool 
fileName [string] 
(Optional) Name of Matlab data file saved from either PropConfig or TurbTool 
Return Values
Return Values 
CNew [struct] 
Engagement structure as from CaseStruct with any changes made 
AtmNew [struct] 
Atmospheric structure as from AtmStruct with changes 
GNew [struct] 
Geometry structure as from GeomStruct with changes 
ttNew [struct] 
TurbTool structure with changes 
PC [struct] 
Structure of data that would be saved to a file 
See Also

AtmStruct, GeomStruct, turbtool

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