p = PropParams([alpha],[lambda],[D],[Power],G,Atm)

Returns an output structure containing values for atmospheric propagation parameters computed for the input geometry, atmospheric models, and optional turbulence multiplier alpha, wavelength, aperture, and laser power. If not specified, defaults to alpha = 1, lambda = 1 micron, D = 1 m, Power = 1 MW. Any or all of the inputs values may be arrays, in which case output p is a struct array. However, if any are arrays, all inputs must be either scalar or the same length.

alpha [vector] 
(Optional) Multiplier on turbulence strength only 
lambda [vector] 
(Optional) Wavelength for propagation (m) 
D [vector] 
(Optional) Transmit aperture diameter (m) 
Power [vector] 
(Optional) Laser power (W) 
G [struct] 
Geometry structure from GeomStruct 
Atm [struct] 
Atmospheric modeling structure from AtmStruct 
Return Values
Return Values 
p [struct] 
Structure of propagation parameters. 
p.power [scalar] 
Power for parameter calculations (W) 
p.wavelength [scalar] 
Wavelength for parameter calculations (m) 
p.D [scalar] 
Aperture diameter for parameter calculations (m) 
p.Trans [scalar] 
Atmospheric transmission given input abs/scat 
p.Rytov [scalar] 
Spherical wave Rytov number [see SphericalRytov
p.Rytov_PW [scalar] 
Plane wave Rytov number [see PlaneRytov
p.r0 [scalar] 
Spherical wave coherence diameter [see SphericalR0] (m) 
p.r0_PW [scalar] 
Plane wave coherence diameter [see PlaneR0] (m) 
p.theta0 [scalar] 
Isoplanatic angle [see SphericalTheta0] (rad) 
p.fG [scalar] 
Greenwood frequency [see GreenwoodFreq] (Hz) 
p.fT [scalar] 
Tyler frequency [see TylerFreq] (Hz) 
p.Nd [scalar] 
Thermal blooming distortion number [see DistortionNumber

>> p = PropParams(G,Atm) 

  • 1x turb, 1 um wavelength, 1 m ap., 1 MW defaults
>> p = PropParams(2,1.3e-6,G,Atm) 

  • 2x turb, 1.3 um wavelength, others default
>> p = PropParams(2,1.3e-6,1.5,1e6,G,Atm) 

  • all parameters specified

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