mp = RecommendedMesh(PropType,lambda,D1,D2,Atm,[cTurb], ...

Computes recommended mesh parameters based on nominal parameters returned from PropMeshParams. First calls PropMeshParams to obtain nominal parameters. If a desired mesh dimension is not input, the nominal mesh dimension is rounded up to the next power of 2 and the mesh size is recomputed. If a user does specify a desired number of mesh points and/or pixel size combination that is invalid, RecommendedMesh will compute and return values for mesh dimension and spacing, whereas PropMeshParams returns 0 for mesh dimension and NaN for mesh spacing. The output structure returns the computed mesh parameters, nominal parameters, and flags indicating whether computed mesh parameters are valid.

PropType [scalar] 
Propagation type: 0 - plane wave, 1 - spherical wave 
lambda [scalar] 
Wavelength for propagation (m) 
D1 [scalar] 
Diameter of interest in the source plane (m) 
D2 [scalar] 
Diameter of interest in the receiver/target plane (m) 
Atm [struct] 
Atmospheric structure from AtmStruct 
cTurb [scalar] 
(Optional) Scale factor for turbulence blurring (m). Defaults to 2.0. 
minNpts [scalar/vector] 
Minimum number of pixels in the diameter of interest. Specify as a 2-element vector to use different values for source aperture and for the receiver aperture. 
n [scalar] 
(Optional) Desired number of mesh points 
d1 [scalar] 
(Optional) Desired pixel size for plane wave propagation or pixel size at the platform for spherical wave propagation (m). 
d2 [scalar] 
(Optional) Desired pixel size for the target/receiver plane for spherical wave propagation (m). Not used if PropType=0. 
Return Values
Return Values 
mp [struct] 
Structure of parameters for help in setting mesh values 
mp.propnxy [scalar] 
Number of mesh points based on inputs 
mp.propdxy [scalar/vector] 
Pixel size based on inputs (m). Scalar for plane wave propagation or 2-element vector for spherical wave propagation 
mp.nxyValid [logical] 
Flag indicating whether number of mesh points computed is valid 
mp.dxyValid [logical] 
Flag indicating whether computed mesh spacing is valid 
mp.nxymin [scalar] 
Minimum/nominal value for number of mesh points 
mp.dxymax [scalar/vector] 
Maximum/nominal value for mesh spacing. Scalar for plane wave propagation or 2-element vector for spherical wave propagation 
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