Functions Supporting Scaling Law Analysis
EngagementTools Functions

The functions in this section provide utilities to support scaling law analysis.

Returns a structure of engagement case parameters for laser engagement scenarios. Can be used to modify an existing C structure given field names and values. Shortcuts are available for modifying 'alpha', 'HELpt' and 'BILLpt'. 
Graphical User Interface (GUI) for editing a single G structure. While the GUI window is open, execution of commands at the Matlab command prompt will be blocked. If the optional output is not specified, the variable G will be assigned to the base workspace when the "Commit & Close" button is pushed. 
Returns the maximum target length and the width and height at the point determined by hitPt. The output TargHeight can be interpreted as twice the target radius. Any effect on target size due to incidence angle is not included. 
Returns structure representing a laser field for use in wave-optics simulation. Structure contains complex grid for laser field consistent with input parameters. 
Return a basic parameter structure, as from SourceParams or RelayParams in SHaRE, with ideal system parameter settings. 
Generates a plot display of the engagement geometry in the specified coordinate frame. The plot includes indicators of beam slew rate and direction at multiple locations along the beam path. The line connecting the platform and target is color-coded by the specified model values along the path. 
Produces a plot of the engagement geometry. 
Displays a 3-D plot of a given object in the object's coordinate frame. Includes vertices, unit vectors in direction of motion and zenith, hitPoint and trackPoint if specified. Use RotateObject to plot the object in alternate coordinate frames. 
TargGUI is a user interface for displaying target data. It also allows for some modifications to be applied. 
Returns a target structure. If SCALE is not available or no inputs are given, a default target structure is returned with BILLpt = [], trackpt = [0;0], and all other fields empty. 
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