[BlnX, BlnY] = SphericalLogIrrCovariance(alpha, d, Atm, wvl, [type])

Computes the large and small scale log-irradiance covariance for a spherical wave given turbulence multiplier alpha, point spacings d, atmospheric modeling data in Atm, and wavelength in wvl. In this calculation, the light propagates from the platform to the target.

alpha [scalar] 
Turbulence strength multiplier. 
d [vector] 
Separation of the points in the irradiance profile (m) 
Atm [struct] 
Atmospheric modeling structure from AtmStruct
wvl [scalar] 
Optical wavelength (m). 
type [string] 
(Optional) Scale of covariance to output if the number of outputs is one. Ignored for two outputs. Specify 'large' (default), 'small', or 'both' for combined. 
Return Values
Return Values 
BlnX [vector] 
Large scale log-irradiance covariance value 
BlnY [vector] 
Small scale log-irradiance covariance value 

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>> Atm = AtmStruct(0, 2e4, 0, 100, 'Cn2', 'HV57'); 

>> wvl = 0.5e-6; 

>> d = [1 2 3 4 5].*0.02; % points separated by 2 cm 

>> [BlnX, BlnY] = SphericalLogIrrCovariance(1, d, Atm, wvl); 

  • Large scale (BlnX) and small scale (BlnY) log irradiance covariance. The irradiance covariances are: BX = (exp(BlnX) - 1) is the large scale irradiance covariance BY = (exp(BlnY) - 1) is the small scale irradiance covariance B = (exp(BlnX + BlnY) - 1) is the full irradiance covariance

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