Getting Started

Function help for ATMTools and EngagementTools Matlab functions is available in html format. Type 

>> help FunctionName 


>> syntaxHelp FunctionName 

at the Matlab command prompt to see function syntax and a link to information in the Matlab help browser. 


In order to use this version of ATMTools, the user will need to load the API library into Matlab. In order to load the library, we have provide the function loadMZAScalingCodeAPI. The first argument is the path to the ScalingCodeAPI directory. This function can be called manually every time Matlab is opened before using ATMTools functions, or the user can add the call to the Matlab startup.m file in order to have the library loaded upon startup. One can also set an environment variable, SCALINGCODEAPI_PATH, to the full path to ScalingCodeAPI that loadMZAScalingCodeAPI will use if there are no inputs. Use unloadMZAScalingCodeAPI to unload the libraries if necessary. 


When the libraries are loaded in Matlab, paths are set to default lookup table and data file locations contained in the ScalingCodeAPI directory. One might want to change the location of some directories and we have provided functions to do this. For example, to change the default location for LEEDR data files use 

>> LookupPath('LEEDR','C:\MyProjects\LEEDR') 

With LookupPath, the user can change default directories for 'ATM', 'LEEDR', 'LEEDRWXCUBE', or 'SHARE' and 'AERO' (used in SHaRE). It is not recommended that the user change 'ATM' or 'SHARE' as several functions in the respective toolboxes use data in these directories but the others can be set based on project-specific data file locations. See help for LookupPath and ParamPath in this guide and SHaREFieldDataPath in the SHaRE user guide for notes regarding changing paths from the default.

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