[tle,tleMessage] = TLEExtract(TLEstr,[SearchList]);

Extracts the Two Line Element (TLE) data from a TLE (two or three line) data array. Since the input is a data array, the input should be a 2x69 or 3X69 string array. If the check sum error flag is triggered, a note will be made in tleMessage

TLEstr [string/cell] 
Two or three-line TLE or the location of the satellite catalog. 
SearchList [string/scalar] 
(Optional) If a string, returns all TLE (3-line only) where the satellite names begins with SearchString. If a number, returns all TLEs (2 or 3-line) where the satellite number is SearchString. Only used if TLEstr is a TLE catalog file name or directory location 
Return Values
Return Values 
tle [struct] 
Structure containing the TLE data - sorted by SSC 
tle.SSC [string] 
Space Surveillance Catalog Number 
International designator. First two characters designate the launch year; the next 3 characters indicate the launch number, starting from the beginning of the year; the remainder of the characters (1 to 3 characters) indicate the piece of the launch. 
tle.EPOCH_DATE [vector] 
Epoch date of the element set in the form [YYYY MO DD HH MM SS.xxxx] 
tle.MEAN_MOTION_DOT [scalar] 
1st derivative of the mean motion with respect to time 
tle.MEAN_MOTION_DOT_DOT [scalar] 
2nd derivative of the mean motion with respect to time 
tle.BSTAR [scalar] 
B* drag term 
tle.ELEMENT_NUMBER [scalar] 
Element number 
tle.INCLINATION [scalar] 
Orbit inclination (deg) 
Right ascension of ascending node (deg) 
tle.ECCENTRICITY [scalar] 
Orbit eccentricity 
Argument of perigee (deg) 
tle.MEAN_ANOMOLY [scalar] 
Mean anomaly (deg) 
tle.MEAN_MOTION [scalar] 
Mean motion (rev/day) 
tle.EPOCH_REV [scalar] 
Revolution number at epoch 
tle.CLASSIFICATION [string] 
Classification of element set 
tle.TLE [string] 
The two or three line element set 
tleMessage [string] 
Notice of either
  • Satellite number mismatch between lines
  • Internal summation doesn't agree with TLE
checksum value Either flag is a good indicator that the TLE isn't valid, but both are very rare 

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