[Atm,G] = WSMRatm(Direction,DateRange,TimeRange,OutputType,[Atm0])

Returns an atmospheric modeling (Atm) structure containing Cn2 modeling data with 10 path segments for specified conditions. Based upon differential-tilt turbulence profiler measurements made May-Aug at White Sands Missile Range for propagation between North Oscura Peak (NOP) and the Beck test site. Atm structure will have Atm.Cn2 values for the specified conditions, and Atm.Cn2Eval = 'NoEval'. Also returns the ECF geometry structure for specified path as an optional second output. Range of dates to be used and range of hours on those dates can be specified. Nature of the output is determined by input OutputType (see options below)

Direction [string] 
Direction of laser propagation 'NOPBeck' or 'BeckNOP'
  • defaults to 'NOPBeck'
DateRange [cell] 
Range of observation dates to consider from database
  • Use MATLAB date strings, e.g., '01-Jan-2006',
  • Date interval - {'01-May-2006','31-May-2006'},
  • Defaults to {'01-Jan-2006','31-Dec-2006'}
HourRange [vector] 
Hour of day interval to consider from database
  • Use vector interval, e.g., [0 6],
  • Defaults to [0 24]
OutputType [scalar/string] 
Type of output atmospheric modeling desired for the specified interval. Input scaling value provides a margin of Cn2 distribution, i.e., OutputType=0.5 gives 50%-tile. String options include: 'ALL' - All observations, 'MIN' - Minimum Cn2 for each range bin, 'MAX' - Maximum Cn2 for each range bin, 'MEAN' - Mean of Cn2 for each range bin, 'BEST' - Profile with lowest integrated Cn2, 'WORST' - Profile with highest integrated Cn2 
Atm0 [structure] 
(Optional) Baseline atmospheric modeling structure for which only the Cn2 model will be changed 
Return Values
Return Values 
Atm [struct] 
Atmospheric modeling structure containing Cn2 model 
G [struct] 
Geometry structure for specified path 

>> [Atm,G] = WSMRatm('NOPBeck');  

  • All profiles in database, ordered for NOP-to-Beck propagation
>> Atm = WSMRatm('BeckNOP',{'01-Jun-2006','15-Jul-2006'},[3 12],'ALL'); 

  • Order Cn2 values for Beck-to-NOP propagation
  • Use data from 1 Jun to 15 Jul 2006
  • Use observations from 03:00 to 12:00 local time
  • Report all profiles

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