G = enu2ecf(Genu)
[R, V] = enu2ecf(RefLLA,Renu,[Venu],[EarthModel])

Converts coordinate frame from local east-north-up (ENU) relative to a fixed location on the earth to earth-centered fixed (ECF), in which the coordinate frame is fixed to the rotating earth.

Genu [struct/list] 
Geometry parameters. Can be a structure (or array of structures) from GeomStruct or a comma separated list of (RefLLA,Renu,[Venu],[EarthModel]) 
RefLLA [vector] 
3-element LLA position vectors [Lat Long Alt] for reference location. Lat is the Latitude in degrees (-90 to 90), Long is the longitude positions in degrees (-180 to 180), and Alt is the altitude (m) 
Renu [Nx3 matrix] 
N 3-element ENU position vectors (m). 
Venu [Nx3 matrix] 
(Optional) N 3-element ENU velocity vectors (m/s). 
EarthModel [string/numeric] 
(Optional) If string, Geodetic (default) or Geometric. Use Geometric for a spherical earth and Geodetic for an oblate earth. If numeric and scalar - spherical Earth radius, if vector - [a b], where a is the equatorial radius and b is the polar radius. Must pass in Venu (can be []) to specify earth model 
Return Values
Return Values 
G [struct] 
If Genu is a structure, G will be a structure with position and velocity vectors in ECF coordinates. 
R [Nx3 matrix] 
ECF position vectors (m) 
V [Nx3 matrix] 
ECF velocity vectors (m/s) 
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