[ax refs] = plotEng(G,[Atm],[coord],[model],[figHandle])

Generates a plot display of the engagement geometry in the specified coordinate frame. The plot includes indicators of beam slew rate and direction at multiple locations along the beam path. The line connecting the platform and target is color-coded by the specified model values along the path.

G [struct] 
Geometry structure from GeomStruct or a C structure from CaseStruct. If a C structure is passed in, the Atm structure is not needed and will be ignored if passed in. 
Atm [struct] 
(Optional) Atmospheric parameter structure from AtmStruct. If not passed in, the model will be set to the altitude along the path and no effects of wind are included in the beam slew. 
coord [string] 
(Optional) Desired coordinate frame, one of 'ECF' (default), 'LLA' (or 'ENU' - east-north-up), or 'PTK'. 
model [string] 
(Optional) Model values to use for color-coding along the path. Must be a model in the Atm structure or 'h' for altitude (default). Can also specify using the log of the model values by prepending the model name with 'log'. 
figHandle [handle] 
(Optional) Handle for plot axes 
Return Values
Return Values 
ax [scalar] 
Handle to the plot axes. 
refs [struct] 
Contains the unit vectors for the three coordinate frames in the plotted coordinate frame. Also contains axis setting to generate views along the various coordinate axes frames - see examples. 
refs.ECF [struct] 
ECF x, y, and z unit vectors in the plotted coords 
refs.ENU [struct] 
ENU x, y, and z unit vectors in the plotted coords 
refs.PKT [struct] 
PKT x, y, and z unit vectors in the plotted coords 
refs.View [struct] 
Camera view setting for the axes. View.ECF, View.ENU, and View.PKT are structures with the settings to change the plot view to the XY, XZ, YZ, or Default view for that coordinate frame. 

>> G = GeomStruct; Atm = AtmStruct; 

>> [AX REFS] = plotEng(G,Atm,'enu','logAbs') 

  • Plots the geometry in ENU coordinates using log of Abs for color
>> set(AX,REFS.View.ECF.XY) 

  • sets the view for the plot to the ECF XY coordinate plane
>> set(AX,REFS.View.ECF.Default) 

  • sets the view for the plot to the default ECF view - the view as if the geometry were plotted in the ECF frame

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