AIRSdata = processAIRShdf([startTime],[endTime],[bbox],HDFname,procStruct)

Download AIRS data, save to HDF file and optionally process and save to a MAT file. Data can also be downloaded from Using this function to download data requires functions that are not distributed with ATMTools.

startTime [varied] 
(Optional) Start time for data to download in any Matlab date format (in UTC). 
endTime [varied] 
(Optional) End time for data to download (in UTC) 
bbox [vector] 
(Optional) Bounding box for data to download [west lon, south lat, east lon, north lat] 
HDFname [string] 
File name for HDF data file of AIRS data (without extension). If startTime, endTime, and bbox are not input, assumes HDFname exists and contains data that has already been downloaded and needs to be processed. 
procStruct [struct] 
(Optional) Structure with additional information for the processing. May have the following fields: MATname [string] - File name for saving processed AIRS data, Lo [scalar] - (Optional) Assumed outer scale, defaults to 150 m, KH_KM [scalar] - (Optional) Assumed mixing ratio, defaults to 0.01. 
Return Values
Return Values 
AIRSdata [struct] 
Structure of data obtained from the AIRS data file. [array] 
Latitude for each observation point (deg) 
AIRSdata.lon [array] 
Longitude for each observation point (deg) 
AIRSdata.alt [vector] 
Altitudes of midpoints of pressure layers (m) 
AIRSdata.F [cell] 
Delauney triangulation for each mid-point layer 
AIRSdata.alt_agl [array] 
Altitude at mid-point of each pressure layer (m) 
AIRSdata.Temp [array] 
Temperature at the mid-point altitudes (K) 
AIRSdata.PotentialTemp [array] 
Potential temperature at the mid-point altitudes (K) 
AIRSdata.Cn2 [array] 
Cn2 values for each lat/lon (${m}^{-2/3}$) 
AIRSdata.Press_midpt [vector] 
Pressure at mid-point altitudes (mbar) 
AIRSdata.dTdz [array] 
Temperature gradient (K/m) 
AIRSdata.time [array] 
Time for observation (sec since Jan 1, 1993) 
AIRSdata.JulianDate [array] 
Julian data for each observation 
AIRSdata.sat_lat [array] 
Latitude of the satellite (deg) 
AIRSdata.sat_lon [array] 
Longitude of the satellite (deg) 
AIRSdata.sat_alt [array] 
Altitude of the satellite (m) 
AIRSdata.airs_lat [array] 
Ground latitude of the observations (deg) 
AIRSdata.airs_lon [array] 
Ground longitude of the observations (deg) 
AIRSdata.airs_height [array] 
Altitude of each observation (m) 
AIRSdata.Press [array] 
Measured pressure for each layer (mbar) 
AIRSdata.Cn2Processing [struct] 
Structure of information used for Cn2 processing 
AIRSdata.CloudHeight [array] 
Cloud top heights for each lat/lon (m) 
AIRSdata.CloudLat [array] 
Latitude at cloud top heights (deg) 
AIRSdata.CloudLon [array] 
Longitude at cloud top heights (deg) 
AIRSdata.CloudInterpIDX [vector] 
Indicates where AIRSdata.CloudHeight has been interpolated 
AIRSdata.CloudInterpolant [scatteredInterpolant] 
Scattered interpolant for interpolating cloud height as a function of lat and lon 
AIRSdata.hdf [char] 
Name of HDF file 
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