Atm = ChangeAtm(Atm,[PName1,NewValue1, [P1],...,[PN]],...
                    [PName2,NewValue2, [P1],...,[PN]],...

Function to change parameters of an existing Atm structure. Any of the allowed atmospheric models from AtmStruct can be changed, in addition to geometry, number of screens, maximum altitude, turbulence multiplier alpha when a Cn2 model is present, and wavelength in extinction models. For a change in wavelength to work properly, a wavelength string must be the third input to the model function. Additionally, multipliers of other profiles can be specified with the input 'alpha[model]' for the parameter name. To change turbulence multiplier, specify either 'alphaCn2' or 'alpha.'

Atm [struct] 
Atmospheric modeling parameters structure from AtmStruct
PNames [string] 
Name of parameters to be altered. Can be GEOM, SCREENS, wavelength, MaxAlt, alpha with model name, or any of the allowed atmospheric models (see AtmStruct for details). 
NewValues [scalar] 
New values for the parameters or model function names for the atmospheric models 
Function arguments required if the new parameter is a function. 
Return Values
Return Values 
Atm [struct] 
Structure containing modified turbulence screen parameters. 

>> AtmNew = ChangeAtm(AtmStruct,'Screens',20) 

  • Change the number of equally spaced screens
>> AtmNew = ChangeAtm(AtmStruct,'Screens',[.25 .75],[.5 .5]) 

  • Change the screens specifying position and thickness
>> AtmNew = ChangeAtm(AtmStruct,'Cn2','HV57') 

  • Change the turbulence model
>> AtmNew = ChangeAtm(AtmStruct,'GEOM',GeomStruct) 

  • Change the geometry. All model data will be recomputed
>> AtmNew = ChangeAtm(AtmStruct,'alpha',[1, 2, 3]) 

  • Creates an array of structures with turbulence multipliers of 1, 2, and 3 times the model in Atm.Cn2Eval
>> AtmNew = ChangeAtm(AtmStruct,'Wavelength','1064') 

  • Changes third argument in all present extinction models to '1064'
>> Atm = ChangeAtm(AtmStruct,'Wind',{'Bufton';'4*Bufton';'10*Bufton'}); 

  • Creates an array of structures with multipliers on wind speed using the Bufton model. Note models must be separated by ';', otherwise interpreted as a single model with multiple parameters.
>> Atm = ChangeAtm(AtmStruct,'alphaWind',[1 4 10]); 

  • Creates an array of structures with multipliers on wind speed
>> Atm = ChangeAtm(AtmStruct,'Cn2','BoundaryAtm',[1500 5000],[0 5000], ... 


  • Change the turbulence model boundaries

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