[opdScaling,frqScaling,dimScaling] = AeroOpticsScaling([scalingType], ...
          hp,vp, Dt,lambda,[Dap],[hp0],[vp0],[Dt0],[lambda0],[Dap0])

Returns aero-optics scaling factors as function of platform altitudes, velocities, and turret diameters. Allows for vectorized inputs, but each nonscalar input must be of the same length. Outputs will then be vectors of the same length as the input vectors. If scaling from non-dimensionalized form, only the final platform altitude, velocity, turret diameter and wavelength need to be specified as inputs. If scaling from one set of (hp0,vp0,Dt0,lambda0) to a new set of (hp,vp,Dt,lambda), all eight input values should be specified.

scalingType [char] 
(Optional) Type of scaling to compute. Specify either 'Tilt' or 'HO'. Defaults to 'HO'. 
hp [vector] 
New platform altitude (above sea level) (m) 
vp [vector] 
New platform velocity (m/s) 
Dt [vector] 
New turret diameter (m) 
lambda [vector] 
New wavelength (m) 
Dap [vector] 
(Optional) Aperture diameter (m). Not used for higher-order. 
hp0 [vector] 
(Optional) Original platform altitude (m) 
vp0 [vector] 
(Optional) Original platform velocity (m/s) 
Dt0 [vector] 
(Optional) Original turret diameter (m) 
lambda0 [vector] 
(Optional) Original wavelength (m) 
Dap0 [vector] 
(Optional) Original aperture diameter (m). Not used for higher-order. 
Return Values
Return Values 
opdScaling [vector] 
Scaling factor applied to aero-optics OPDs 
frqScaling [vector] 
Scaling factor applied to aero-optics frequency 
dimScaling [vector] 
Scaling factor applied to aero-optics x/y dimensions 

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